Thank you for your interest, however this requisition has been closed and is no longer available.
Position:  Direct Care Staff - SequelCare of Arizona
Type:  Part-Time


  1. Supervises clients in accordance with SequelCare of Arizona protocols and ensures the safety of all clients and staff.
  2. With permission, carries out activites: games, sports, projects, ect. With clients in following the schedule.
  3. Ensures safety of all clients, staff, visitors, and animals.
  4. Follows all SequelCare of Arizona rules and norms.
  5. May be needed to transport in SequelCare of Arizona vehicles.
  6. Demonstrates proper methods of cleaning and organizing with the clients.
  7. Follows and ensures safety regulations: SequelCare order, settles disputes conducts routine head count, checks for safe environment, prevents the clients from harming self and others.
  8. Keep records and may complete incident reports (if applicable).
  9. Exemplifies appropriate role model through physical appearance, social skills, professional words and acts, sets clear professional boundaries.
  10. Qualified to administer medications to self-medicating clients.
  11. Confronts all negative behavior and communicates with all staff.
  12. Additional duties are determined by the Group Leader and the Team Leader.


  1. Valid AZ Drivers License.
  2. Must be at least 21 years of age.
  3. Ability to obtain a Fingerprint clearance card (or in current possession).
  4. Individual judgment, discretion, and decision making skills.
  5. Emotionally and physically able to assist in physical escort and/or restraint. Must be able to help carry ill, injured, or incapacitated clients.
  6. Must be physically able to assist in AWOL searches in any terrain.
  7. Confidentiality and professionalism are essential.

QUALIFICATIONS: High school diploma or equivalent.  Applicant will be able to satisfy the SequelCare of Arizona and AZ State Licensing requirements for hiring.